A site survey is more than just locating the property corners on your lot. The contours of the land, the existing buildings, the existing septic tank & leachfield, the water source and other important items are located and measured for use on the design plans.

We use a fully robotic total station and survey grade GPS to collect data for our site surveys. It truly is cutting edge technology.

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A test pit is required for all septic designs to determine the type of soils on your property. We typically dig our pits from 5' to 7' deep and we are looking at the different soil types and determine the depth of the seasonal high water table.

This information combined with a perc test will tell us how large the leachfield will need to be, as well as, how deep it can be placed in the ground.

We have our own mini-excavator that we use to dig the test pits. No additional fees, no waiting for a contractor to arrive. It helps us to keep the entire process efficient and affordable.

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Design Plans

We use AutoCAD and Carlson software to draw our custom septic design plans. Each and every design is unique.

Our plans are available on full size plan sheets and in digital PDF format as well.


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What we do

We offer full septic design and installation services for residential and commercial projects throughout New Hampshire. Our core area is the Lakes Region and surrounding towns consisting of Alton, Barnstead, Gilmanton, New Durham, Farmington, Rochester, Middleton, Wakefield, Brookfield, Gilford and Laconia. We will happily travel to other towns and cities as well.

Our specialty is working with homeowners and contractors to find the best solution to replace failed septic systems. We have the environment, the property and your pocketbook in mind when looking for the best solution.

We strive to be efficient and affordable. We also appreciate our elders and our Veterans and offer generous discounts to those who qualify.

If you have septic system problems, we would love to work with you.