What happens during a Septic Design and how long does it take?

All septic designs require a site survey, a test pit, perc test and design plans.

Once we have started the process and gathered the required information, it usually takes approximately 1 week to submit the plan to the State and Local agencies for approval. Those agencies have made great progress in speeding up approval time. What used to take weeks can now be done in a day or two.

What does a normal Septic Design Cost?

Most of our residential septic system designs cost around $1500. There is also a $300 application fee that is paid to the NHDES.

Waterfront properties, adding bedrooms to an existing home or wetland issues are things that may affect this price.

Keep in mind, our prices INCLUDE the test pit fees. Many design firms charge an additional fee for this service.

Do you offer installation of my septic system?

We are fully licensed and insured for design and installation. In most situations we can install your septic system. If the project is deemed to be beyond our scale and schedule, we have multiple installation contractors that we can connect you with that can service your needs.